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Walter W Peirce

My first year in the masonry trade is what reeled me in. Working for Custance Brothers of Lexington, I was Leo Culkins’ apprentice and the variety of masonry work was amazing to me.

One of the projects during the historic Winter of ‘78 was in the cellar of the Story Chapel in Mount Auburn Cemetery, where we transformed what were once horse stalls into sparkling rooms of stucco, granite sills, quarry tile, and stained glass. During that time I attended classes in masonry and in estimating at Wentworth Institute.

After those formative years, I developed new perspectives as an employee of companies including: Charles Ronchetti of Lexington; J. P. Moriarty and Co. of Cambridge; Chapman Construction & Design of Newton; and M. DeBlasio, Inc. of Littleton before starting my own business over twenty years ago.

From the very start it has been an adventure and a privilege collaborating with clients, architects, and designers, as well as working with the fantastic and varied materials of masonry.

Every new project challenges my ability to understand the subtleties of design, to be creative yet conservative, while drawing on 30 years of experience to solve problems as they arise.

~ Walter W. Peirce


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