His work is careful and built for time
"Walter Peirce is an artist with stone; it's as if the stones and the site
speak to him as he constructs walls and flat surfaces from what seems to be piles of boulders and stone.
"His work is careful and built for time... my clients feel that they now live with works of art in their gardens."
~ C.B. Lewis, Landscape Designer, Arlington, Massachusetts

We couldn’t be more pleased with the result
“Walter Peirce transformed the pile of rubble that had once been the foundation of our house into stone walls and terraces in our yard that appear to have grown there.  He approached the work with the confidence of a master craftsman, combining technical expertise with an artist’s sensitivity to materials and design.
"We couldn’t be more pleased with the result and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone interested in the finest masonry work.”
~ Kent Christman & Lyda Kuth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

I highly recommend him
"Walter Peirce built a stone wall for my house running along side the driveway. The design also included a walkway leading to both the front and side door.
"Working with him was a delight and a learning experience. He approached the stones as an artist approaches their paint palate.
"Each stone was chosen carefully both for its color and shape. The placement of the stones was also carefully considered. Walter takes great pride in his work and it shows. He always made me feel as if he had enough time, was never trying to rush through to completion and interested in my opinion.
"I highly recommend him and look forward to his next project at my home."
~ Carol Pine, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


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